# i c e c d u b a i

# i c e c d u b a i

Thank you for attending our first…

International Colombian Emerald Conference,

1 2 T H   –   1 3 T H   M A Y   2 0 2 2




–  C l i c k   h e r e   t o   c h e c k   o u t   o u r   I C E C D U B A I   H i g h l i g h t  s   V i d e o   o n   Y o u T u b e  –


–  C l i c k   h e r e   t o   v i e w   m o r e   i m a g e s   o n   o u r   I n s t a g r a m  –



The conference spread over the two days with enormous success and we were thrilled with the turnout of the conference. We were blessed with a fantastic array of industry leaders with fascinating talks and presentations; all of which sparked intellectual discussions and debates around the Colombian emerald market and luxury sector insights. Below is the consecutive order of the keynote presentations we heard:


Martin Leake, Special Advisor of Precious Stones at DMCC
Warm Welcome from the DMCC

Jaime Alejandro Amin Hernandez, Ambassador of Colombia in the UAE
Welcome to the UAE

Tatiana Cordoba, Representative Pro-Colombia for Emirates
Pro-Colombia and the Emirates TLC Opportunities

Dr. Guillermo Galvis, Colombian Emeralds Exporters Association President
The Emerald Market Trends and its Future

Luis Gabriel Angarita, Chief Executive Officer at CDTEC Laboratorio Gemas
The Colombian Emerald Certification Journey

Michael Angarita, COO of CI The Best Emeralds SA
Rethinking the Emerald Market

Dr. Oscar Baquero, President of Fedesmeraldas
Fedesemeraldas’ Ethical Responsibility Journey and Achievements

Cristina Villegas, Director of Responsible Sourcing and Minerals at Pact
Responsible Sourcing Highlight 2022



We also had the privilege of taking our guests throughout private tours, all of which were insightful and informative:

The DMCC – Hub of the global commodities trade in Dubai. It is home to more than 20,000 businesses from a wide range of industries and sectors, many of which dedicated to diamonds, gold and base metals.

The Dubai Design Academy –  A DMCC initiative, offering comprehensive knowledge in Digital Jewellery Design and manufacturing.

Emirates Gold Refinery – A precious metal refinery and bullion manufacturer, accredited to the DMCC.



We ended the two day event with a fabulous champagne reception, in which our guests had the opportunity to network and form business bonds. Overall it was a memorable conference which is only the beginning; we cannot wait for our next one during 2023!


Our honourable partners:



This wonderful conference could not have been possible without the professionalism of our suppliers:

Nawal Lazreq: Senior Executive of Events and Conference at the DMCC

Rami Sayegh: Photographer

Bahaa Kamal Eddine: Managing Director of Alienz Events