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Your Guide to Wearing Cufflinks in the UK | London DE

cufflinks UK

In the past, cufflinks were often reserved for special occasions such as for weddings or formal events. However, that is no longer the case. Although these types of special events still call for formal wear and cufflinks, it’s also quite common to see people wearing them in the business sector, as well as with their everyday clothing to make a fashion statement.

As one of today’s leading bespoke jewellers, we’ve made plenty of cufflinks in the UK for our clients that are eye-catching and unique. Here at London DE, we wanted to give you a bit of insight when it comes to finding the perfect cufflinks in the UK for your needs – lets take a look!

cufflinks UK

(Pair of Diamond Set Cufflinks, London DE, £100)

5 tips for wearing your cufflinks in style

  • Keep it simple: Much like other clothing items, keeping it simple when it comes to wearing cufflinks can really pay off. This is because the simpler your cufflinks are, the more timeless they’ll be. Over the years, styles change, but a simple set of cufflinks can be worn with virtually any type of clothing.
  • Wear the right shirt: Stuffing cufflinks into a shirt with buttons on the sleeves is an absolute fashion no-no. When wearing cufflinks, be sure you’ve got the cuffs to match, whether they are French cufflinks or another type of dress shirt without buttons on the cuffs.
  • Make sure they match your other accessories: Are you wearing a tie clip, shirt studs, or other accessories with your outfit? If you frequently wear such things, you’ll want to choose a set of cufflinks that match them to maintain a good balance of style and class.
  • Add to your ensemble: Wearing cufflinks is an easy way to add to your ensemble and make it classier and more stylish. It’s like wearing a pocket square or other accessories; although they’re small, they can make a big statement.
  • Go with your gut: When it comes to cufflinks, it’s all about choosing a style you’ll be comfortable with. Don’t choose something that makes you feel self-conscious; select a style you’re comfortable and proud to wear for any occasion.


(Pair of Mother of Pearl Set Cufflinks, London DE, £79.20)


When & where to wear cufflinks

OK, so perhaps you’re new to wearing cufflinks, or it’s been a while, or you’re simply wondering what situations to wear them in. Cufflinks work best in situations like:


You’ll find at weddings, pretty much everyone will be wearing cufflinks, especially when it comes to the groom and groomsmen. When choosing cufflinks for a wedding, paying close attention to your suit is key; you want to pick a pair that complements your outfit and creates a great balance. Again, choosing a more subtle and minimalistic design will often serve you best.

The workplace

These days, cufflinks aren’t designated specifically for black-tie events anymore; they’re often worn in the workplace. If you want to dress smart with a suit and accessorize a bit, cufflinks are a perfect accessory to add to your outfit. This is especially true for those going to a job interview. A set of cufflinks will provide you with an edgy professional appearance that can certainly impress.

Black-tie events

Cufflinks are frequently worn at black-tie events like dinners, galas, the opera, and other places where wearing formal wear is required. At these types of events, the most common way to wear cufflinks is with French cuffs and a clean, sleek suit. You can choose more minimalist cufflinks or ones with unique designs and textures to give your outfit a special flare.

Date night

To really impress your partner for a night on the town, a pair of cufflinks can truly set your date-night outfit off. Additionally, it can show your date that you have style and care about your appearance and that you’re also a fashion-forward type of person.

Brunch, theatre, & dinner parties

Cufflinks can also be worn more casually, at events like brunches, dinner parties, or when you’re going to the theatre. You don’t even have to wear a full suit to look great in a pair of cufflinks. For more relaxed events, wearing a simple outfit and cufflinks that boast a more geometric and modern design will work great, providing a relaxed, yet elegant look.

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