Emeralds in Canterbury – Sourced directly from the Muzo and Chivor mining regions of Colombia, emeralds and coloured gemstones are one of the fastest appreciating treasure-assets. We can offer World-wide delivery or secure storage options.

Engagement Rings in Canterbury – Choose any combination from our extensive inventory of emeralds and diamonds, set in a choice of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. We can deliver the piece direct to your door or you can meet us at our workshops in Canterbury and see your ring being hand made.

Bespoke jewellery in Canterbury – We can create any item of jewellery containing emeralds and/or diamonds, your imagination is the only limit! In the past we have been commissioned to create necklaces, pendants, broaches, eternity rings, earrings and many other pieces to the client’s exact specification.

Loose stones in Canterbury – Given the rising demand and diminishing supply of diamonds and precious gemstones, many investors have sort to shelter part of their portfolio in these ‘treasure assets’. As solid, tangible and highly portable assets, gemstones have a long history of appreciating in value over time. We can supply loose stones at a fraction of their retail price and facilitate market exit via our client base, auction houses and online auctions, our Amazon Platform and our extensive contacts within the industry.

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  • Personalised service, delivered by consultative professionals
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • No middlemen (we source emeralds from the mining regions of Colombia)
  • Fully certified stones
  • Delivery to Canterbury or storage options offered
  • Full members of the British Jewellers Association (BJA)
  • We have a full online shop, enabling you to chose or build and buy any item of jewellery you can imagine
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Diamonds and emeralds have been traded for centuries and supply has long failed to keep pace with demand. This is especially true of the coloured stone market. A clear example of this is Rio Tinto’s Arglye mine in Kimberly, Western Australia, which is responsible for the majority of the world’s pink diamond production and is due to close by 2020. This will place enormous pressure on the supply of these rare stones and drive prices ever higher. All of the polished pink diamonds produced by the Arglye mine in any given year would fit inside a single champagne flute!

Purchasers of emeralds need to deal through someone who has access to primary dealers or wholesalers. The London Diamond & Emerald Exchange deal directly with the mine agents of Colombian emeralds in Bogota. Whilst it is possible to source inferior emeralds from a number of countries, Colombia has a world-renowned reputation for producing stones of the highest calibre and finest hue. Consequently, we only supply the superior Colombian stones.

Colombia produces most of the world’s fine emeralds and their two major mines, the Muzo and Chivor, are rapidly approaching exhaustion. In time, this trend is expected to be repeated elsewhere. The Spanish Conquistadors, who learned of their locations from the Indians, opened both mines in the 1500s. The vibrant emeralds emerging from these mines are referred to as “Old Mine emeralds” and were mostly in the form of rounded rough stones called “Chibcha.” The Muzo emeralds exhibit fantastic yellowish-green shades, while the Chivor emeralds are distinguished worldwide by their deep bluish-green tones. Colombia produces the world’s most desirable stones in terms of clarity, colour and size.

Critical to the value for money achieved when purchasing a diamond of any type is the supplier’s position in the supply chain. The London Diamond & Emerald Exchange deal directly with mine agents, wholesalers and ateliers to ensure that the stones we purchase are priced competitively.