We operate a large inventory of emeralds, rubies and sapphires. A major advantage to running an expanded inventory is that is gives you the ability to deliver stones to clients in an extremely short time-frame.

Furthermore, clients can view a wider array of emeralds whilst the “romancing the stone” effect takes full force.  These stones are held in Geneva and London and are available for immediate local supply to UK and international buyers.

It also allows London DE to buy stones that are being sold under the market price at source.  From time to time miners and other dealers may need to sell stock quickly to raise capital; it is in these situations that liquidity can ensure you obtain an extremely competitive price.

Demand for these gems has increased in recent years as people have opted for more colour when choosing their jewellery.  The “Kate effect” has also been noted as causing an increase in demand for blue Sapphire as this was the stone given to the Duchess of Cambridge as an engagement ring. Royal Blue and Cornflower Blue have the highest demand.

Ruby has seen continued strong demand in Asia and the USA.  With the lifting of the ban on importing Burmese rubies into the USA, at the end of Obama’s last term, the US market has opened up to stones of Burmese origin and these are considered to be the finest.

In the last 5 -10 years, as Asian economies have risen, a new trend has developed in which coloured stones have regained market share and media attention.  An example of how rapidly the market is growing in some corners of the world is India.  Mehul Choski from Gitanjali Gems (a Gemfields auction partner) says that he is seeing demand for coloured stones rise on a yearly basis, with some years experiencing more than 50% growth.

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