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The world of Men’s jewellery

Men’s jewellery is having a moment in the spotlight; pioneered by Hollywood celebrities and a wave of men who are embracing their masculinity in a different way than previous generations. 

Harry Styles is arguably on the vanguard of this wave; known for his bright style, signature pearls and stack of rings. 

Harry Styles

According to Euromonitor International, global sales of men’s luxury fine jewellery have been rising for the last 10 years and are set to hit its peak in 2022. Following years where anything other than a wedding ring was seen as something superfluous and an oddity, things began to change with the emergence of the Godfather trilogy. These blockbuster films changed the association rings had for many men, now seen as a symbol of strength and power.



In a more recent film, Dune, the head of House Atreides (played by Oscar Isaac) wears a grand ring that is a symbol of their power and is an heirloom passed down through the male line. The son who he passes that ring onto is Timothée Chalamet, who himself has become a symbol of this new movement, with his own range of men’s jewellery for Cartier. 

Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet

Now not all men are interested in wearing jewellery, but there is now a market for male customers who are looking to be distinct from the average man, and aren’t worried about “looking soft” by wearing accessories. 

Holy Gems is one of the luxury brands who have led this wave of men’s jewellery, making exclusive pieces made from the first deposit of precious gems ever discovered in the Holy Land. ‘Twelve Blessings’ is an example of this, inspired by its biblical connection, and is a brilliant 18k gold ring that is accented with black spinel.

Holy Gems

Holy Gem’s ‘Twelve Blessings’ ring

Jeff Moriarty, a leading jewellery expert, has claimed that Men’s jewellery is going to continue to become “bigger, flashier and more in demand than ever”, and they in turn have moved towards designing men’s rings with large brightly coloured gemstones. 

Yellow Diamond ring

Yellow diamond ring

If you are looking to be at the head of this next wave of men wearing flashy gems, then this Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring is a brilliant option for you to invest in. 

However not everyone will feel comfortable diving into the deep end of men’s jewellery, and wearing necklaces and rings might still feel odd for you. A nice way to take a step into the world of accessorising is by making your shirts a little more interesting with a pair of cufflinks. To replicate some of those most stylish men in the world, there are these knots of metal cufflinks. If you want something with a slightly softer look, there is this pair of cufflinks mounted with a mother of pearl that would be very fitting. Or if you want to capture the essence of Harry Styles or any of the other men listed in this article, there are these eye-catching and distinct oyster shell links that would be perfect for any Hollywood leading man. 

Hopefully you have found this guide to the world of men’s jewellery helpful, and take the next step forward in your accessory journey. 

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Emulate the elegance of Downton Abbey’s jewellery

The fan favourite TV series, and now film franchise, Downton Abbey is returning to the silver screen. To celebrate, we will be looking at some of the brilliant jewellery from the period drama and showing you how you can capture some of the Post-Edwardian elegance yourself through your own accessory choices. 

Downton Abbey: A New Era

The new film, Downton Abbey: A New Era

Part of the show’s charm was its brilliant period clothing and jewellery choices, dazzling viewers with grand ball gowns as well as their attention to the clothes that downstairs staff wore. The jewellery for the show was created with historical realism in mind, where even the stones were fashioned to mirror the cutting styles of the Edwardian and Art Deco eras.

Downton Abbey Cast

The Downton Abbey cast

They didn’t use costume jewellery like many period dramas use, instead they had pieces that were made from real bronze, brass, sterling silver, palladium and embellished with real Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia and synthetic gemstones.

Lady Violet

Lady Violet

Lady Violet wears the most amazing gemstones for formal occasions, whilst not being precious over them. She treats them with an air of complete nonchalance, rather than others who clutch at their pearls.

Lady Violet's diamond tiara

Lady Violet’s Diamond tiara

Not everyone can pull off a tiara, and they aren’t exactly on trend anymore or particularly practical; but you can’t go wrong with emulating Lady Violet’s love for diamonds through some brilliant jewellery. 

Emerald and Diamond Infinity necklace

Emerald and Diamond Infinity necklace

If you have the budget of Lady Violet, you can adorn yourself with this luxurious Emerald and Diamond Infinity necklace that is fit for aristocracy. 

Lady Violet's diamond pendant necklace

Lady Violet’s diamond pendant necklace

If a giant emerald necklace is less your style, Violet also wears some brilliant and more delicate diamond pendants like this one. This modern Double Halo Diamond Pendant Necklace is a perfect choice for you if you consider yourself to be a Lady Violet who finds herself navigating our current world.

Diamond Halo necklace

Diamond Halo necklace

Lady Cora

Lady Cora

Lady Cora’s jewellery helps establish her as a character. She is an American heiress who is an outsider who marries into the fading British aristocracy. She has access to immense wealth, which means she can afford the brilliant diamond pieces that she wears.

Lady Cora's diamond earrings

Lady Cora’s diamond earrings

She wears some stunning diamond earrings that combine big centrepiece gemstones with more delicate silver work. 

Diamond drop earrings

Diamond drop earrings

Whilst you may not be able to wear something like that everyday, you can capture a slice of Lady Cora’s style with these Diamond Point Drop Earrings. They are luxurious pieces of jewellery, that will capture the light as they hand from your ears and dazzle those who take notice; all whilst not being onerous to wear or worry about them getting caught on something. 

Art Deco Jewellery

There is a great range of jewellery on the show because it opens at the end of the Belle Époque period (1871 – 1914) and moves through to the explosion of the Art Deco movement (1920s – 1930s). 

Viewers really fell in love with the Art Deco style that was covered in the later series of the show, so here we will show you some pieces that you can wear when you go to your next Roaring 20’s party. 

Cabochon emerald ring

Cabochon Colombian Emerald Ring

A key part of the roaring 20’s was the explosion of colour, and this extended to jewellery trends. This Cabochon Colombian Emerald Ring would add a dose of colour to your jewellery collection, and is a brilliant accessory that you can treasure. 

Ceylon Sapphire ring

Ceylon Sapphire ring

If you are looking for a ring that feels pulled directly off the screen from Downton, this Ceylon Sapphire Ring feels like it could have been worn by some well esteemed Lady from the British aristocracy, whilst still feeling fresh and stylish now.

Marriage jewellery

Marriage of Tom Branson and Lucy Smith

Marriage of Tom Branson and Lucy Smith

A centrepiece of the upcoming film is the wedding between fan favourite Tom Branson and Lucy Smith. For that reason, marriage jewellery is on everyone’s mind when it comes to Downton.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

If you are looking for a wondrous engagement ring, look no further than this Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Halo and Split Shoulders. With a stunning diamond centre stone, silver ring and lovely smaller diamonds embellishing it; it’s lavish enough to be found on the hand of an esteemed lady from Downton and will definitely be appreciated by your beloved. 

Hope you have found this guide to the jewellery from Downton Abbey and our suggestions on how to emulate them helpful!


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Unique Ways to Propose This Year

So, it has come to the time where you’re thinking of popping the question to the person you love, but you’re ultimately lost for the best way to go about it. Some people like the simplistic route of at home in front of the TV, or in a beautiful park in a secluded corner, bringing out a varnished wooden box and opening it up to reveal an encrusted beauty. On the other hand, some people want to make the event extravagant and exciting, something that will be truly unforgettable. Here is some proposal inspiration for you, making sure the way you reveal your ring is unique to you and your beloved other.

Dog Collar

dog with ring on nose

If your partner particularly loves dogs, or perhaps you are owner to a fluffy friend of your own, this is a wonderfully unique and special way to pop the question. Simply attach the ring to your pups collar with a ribbon, and send them running off to your partner. Not only is this unbelievably adorable, but it adds an angle that your dog is just as much a part of this bonding as your partner is – one whole little family.

Treasure Hunt

treasure map

If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely love a treasure hunt. This may seem simple and juvenile, but creating your own treasure trail for your loved one with personal clues and hints can be very romantic. Each clue could lead to a gift or memoir of your time together, and once they reach the ultimate gift of the ring, it is all that much sweeter.

In Food

ring in ice cream

Some people may not like this idea for hygiene and safety reasons, but it’s a fun twist on a proposal – especially if your partner has a passion for food/is in the food industry. You could bury the ring in a cake you created yourself (but make sure to wrap it first!) or within a solid chocolate ball which opens up like a flower when you pour hot cream over the top. To contrast, you could place your engagement ring within the packaging of your favourite takeaway, or within a pastry box from the patisserie you went to on your first date.

Special Person

party with drinks

Your proposal could include multiple people, to build on how spectacular the event is. Perhaps you could secretly arrange an old friend to come join you in the evening to reveal the ring, or gather the whole family to prepare a surprise party for the event. The more the merrier they say, and what a way to remember the moment!

Make It Personal

rings on fabric

Instead of presenting the ring in a traditional box, you could wrap the ring in something that means more to them. For instance, if your partner is into fashion, you could buy them the pair of shoes they’ve been longing for and have the ring attached to the laces, or if they’re into making clothes wrap it in some silk within their fabric box.

Hollowed Out Book

ring on book

Perhaps there is a book that the two of you treasure, quote on the daily, and re-read all the time. Maybe the other person is a big book worm. Simply buy another version of that book, hollow out the inside and place the ring. It would be both romantic and beautifully sentimental for the two of you.