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Key questions to ask your diamond dealer



When shopping for any item, asking the right questions beforehand will ensure you purchase the very best item at the right price, especially when it comes to loose diamonds and gemstones. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new home without first taking a look inside, right? Well, shopping for diamonds is no different. You want to be sure that what you’re getting is up to your standards and of the highest quality.

As one of the leading dealers of loose gemstones in Hatton Garden, the team from London DE want to help make your search easier, so we’ve listed some of the most important questions to ask here!

What options are within my price range?

Determining a flexible price range is essential before even looking at any loose diamonds for sale. This way, you know what range you’ll be able to work with. Then, when shopping for diamonds in person or online, be sure to communicate your price range with your salesperson. This will help both you, and them, match you with something you can afford.

What’s the quality of this diamond?



The quality of a diamond is assessed using the 4Cs, that is, colour, clarity, cut, and carat. Be sure that any diamond seller is able to provide you with a detailed assessment of each of these factors, as they will determine the overall price of the diamond you’ll be looking at. Diamonds are also frequently rated in quality from poor to excellent, but again, taking a close look at the 4Cs will help you determine if the seller is being honest about its quality or not.

Why is this diamond on sale?

If you notice a diamond on sale and the reason why isn’t specifically stated, it’s certainly all right to ask. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a diamond of inferior quality without knowing it. There could be a major flaw in the stone indiscernible to the eye or it may have been tampered with by laser enhancement or heat treating. We’ve all heard the saying “buyer beware,” this is especially true when buying loose diamonds or gemstones.

Does this diamond also come with a grading report?

You should never purchase a diamond that hasn’t been appraised or graded by one of the industry’s leading gemological institutes. This will ensure that the diamond you purchase has been verified authentic. Whether it’s a lab-grown or organic diamond, having a grading report is the only true way to determine you’re getting what you paid for.

Is the diamond conflict-free?

For many, this is a very important question to ask to make certain you’re buying a diamond that can be easily traced and hasn’t been mined illegally with child labour, or destroyed the native community in which it was mined. Any diamond that’s conflict-free will have a traceable supply chain and your seller can easily verify that its mining has caused minimal environmental impact and was fairly obtained, adhering to industry standards.

What metal is the ring band made of?

These days, diamond ring bands come in all sorts of different materials, so be sure to ask what the band is made of to eliminate any doubt. Diamond ring bands come in both yellow and white gold, as well as other materials like stainless steel and sterling silver, all of which are priced differently.

Do you design bespoke engagement rings?



If you’re shopping for an engagement ring that you want to be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewellery, ask if your diamond seller also specializes in bespoke engagement rings. In many cases, you’ll be able to select a diamond and the ring material, as well as offer input into the design. A team of designers will then hone your vision to perfection, creating a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Buying a diamond or diamond ring of any size can be an investment, which is why many diamond and loose gemstone sellers also offer guarantees with their products. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have any policies in place to protect your investment should you be unhappy with your purchase, or if you have any issues with your piece down the road.

How can I secure my diamond investment?


Just like you’d insure any other valuable item you have at home or wear on a daily basis, diamonds and rings can easily be insured, either by purchasing insurance specifically for them or adding such items to your current homeowners insurance.

How do I keep my diamond ring well-maintained?

Like most things, diamond rings will require a bit of occasional maintenance to remain vibrant and beautiful over the long term. However, don’t try to clean them or wash them without first asking your diamond dealer specifically how to maintain them or you run the risk of damaging your diamond or ring.

Do you offer virtual consultations?

These days, many diamond sellers, including London DE diamond dealers in Hatton Garden, offer virtual consultations for clients purchasing diamonds or loose gemstones online. Such meetings are conducted in person in a virtual setting with a diamond expert and often last around 30 minutes or so. You’ll be able to express your needs and expectations and have all of your questions answered then and there, making the diamond selection process that much easier and informative. You can also schedule a follow-up consultation if you still have any concerns.

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