Bespoke for the Holidays

Bespoke for the Holidays


You’re looking for that perfect gift for someone special; something really unique and personalized for the one you love.

You could keep browsing through pages and pages of jewellery websites, or scouting the high streets for that chosen piece, but still not find that special item that you have been envisioning.

Bespoke jewellery is a wonderful and inimitable route to go down this Christmas, allowing you to transform your ideas and designs into real pieces of treasured jewellery. It is timeless, romantic, and can be passed down your family line for centuries. These items can consist of any metal, any gemstones in any combinations, and can be engraved and set in any way you wish.

It’s the ultimate personal touch and intimate gift you can give this holiday season.

Let us help you get started!

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So How Does It Work?

It all starts with an inspiration.

Many people gather their ideas from social media, google images, heirlooms, or celebrity items. It could even come from a special memory of your own – such as to encompassing the season of Christmas, you may look to purchase jewellery with a diamond, ruby, or emerald, displaying the festive colours.

If you have an idea of the item you wish to create, or simply want to find out more about the process, you can book a consultation with us. This can either be taken within our Hatton Garden office in London, or virtually online. You will have a friendly and relaxed 30-minute chat with our Sales Manager, Tobias, covering all the basics: your thoughts, ideas, and questions.

If in decision to go through with your design after our appointment, we’ll send through your initial designs as a CAD image (Computer Aided Design) via email, along with the stone options and a full price estimate.

You can arrange as many follow-on consultations with us until your final piece is as exactly as you want it – we will never rush you, and are happy to help talk through your ideas and thoughts until you are 100% content. Once you’re ready to proceed with creation, we will take a deposit from you and your item will then be fashioned and finally delivered to your door by a secure and trusted courier.

Usually, this bespoke process takes around 4 weeks from consultation to delivery, but it can be quicker depending on the design and creation process. Once your item is in your hands, our services do not end there! We offer unparalleled aftercare, including a lifetime guarantee, free resizing, and polishing.

Be sure to order your bespoke items before the 24th of November to ensure you have your gifts in time for Christmas – What a joyful holiday it would be!