About LDE

London DE is the UK’s leading supplier of certified diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other coloured gemstones.  We ethically source and supply loose stones and create bespoke items of handmade jewellery in our workshops in London’s Hatton Garden.

Building on our unique set of relationships within the industry, we can deliver gemstones and jewellery at a price well below that of traditional high street retailers.  Each piece that we create is unique, hand-made and never replicated.  We also offer a selected range of ready to wear jewellery, in addition to bespoke pieces.

We draw on the knowledge, skills and experience of our team to engage with our customers in a professional and consultative manner in order to deliver the highest standards of service and aftercare.

LDE Phil Spencer ACSI, BA Hons

LDE Phil Spencer ACSI, BA Hons

Director and Founder

Phil has developed a broad wealth of experience in gemstones, jewellery, financial services and the armed forces.  Graduating from University College London in 2003, he subsequently served as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy, prior to working in the financial services sector as a Stock Broker and Wealth Manager, both in the City of London and Dubai.  Phil founded LDE in 2013 out of a lifelong passion for precious gems and jewellery.  Phil is also a director of LDE’s sister company, Hexa Resources Limited, with direct mining exploration and production licences.  This offers a unique level of vertical integration along the lengthy gemstone supply chain, from mine-to-market.

Phil combines his business interests with his part-time role as an Amphibious Warfare Officer in the Royal Naval Reserve.  He is a keen yachtsman, having completed a number of offshore races, he has also travelled extensively and enjoys reading and studying his profession.

Rory Dyer – Sales Director

Born and raised in Gloucestershire, Rory gained extensive experience as a financial broker in both the UK and Germany, before co-founding IEEX emeralds and organising the sales function of LDE. Rory has developed a client base of both retailers and end consumers across the globe and he has enjoyed considerable success in supplying coloured gemstones to the UK, Chinese and Hong Kong markets. Rory has also been engaged in the establishment of emerald mining interests in Colombia and he is looking to replicate this model in the South East Asian and East African coloured gemstone production centres. Rory forms a crucial link in the vertical integration of LDE’s business model, sitting on the boards of several key businesses along its value chain.

John Le Parc – Gemmologist & buyer

John was born in the South of France, from Colombian parents. John’s parents instilled in him the cultural values of Colombia and cultivated his interest in the rare emerald gemstone, which is found in the heart of Colombia and worshipped by the indigenous peoples. John became passionate about emeralds when he was 10, during a trip in Colombia when he saw for the first time the gemstone in the hands of a dealer. From that moment on he decided that his life would gravitate around gems. He decided to study International Business in France and then moved to London to follow a course at the Gem-A Gemmological Institute to become a gemmologist, whilst at the same time working in the jewellery and gemstone industry.

Orlando Cifuentes – Gem grader – Colombia

Orlando is a Colombian with a passion for emeralds. Based in Bogotá, Orlando has over 30 years’ experience grading, cutting, polishing and exporting the finest Colombian emeralds. In a market that is highly opaque and notoriously difficult to navigate, specialists with decades of practice and technical knowledge of the first degree are essential to buying the right stones at the right price. Orlando can instinctively sort a highly valuable emerald from one that is a fraction of its quality in seconds, a skill that enables the best loose stones to be selected for onward distribution and export. Once Orlando has directed the cream of the ‘crop,’ these stones are then sent for laboratory testing to provide indisputable black and white evidence of their provenance and true market value.