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Unique Ways to Propose This Year

So, it has come to the time where you’re thinking of popping the question to the person you love, but you’re ultimately lost for the best way to go about it. Some people like the simplistic route of at home in front of the TV, or in a beautiful park in a secluded corner, bringing out a varnished wooden box and opening it up to reveal an encrusted beauty. On the other hand, some people want to make the event extravagant and exciting, something that will be truly unforgettable. Here is some proposal inspiration for you, making sure the way you reveal your ring is unique to you and your beloved other.

Dog Collar

dog with ring on nose

If your partner particularly loves dogs, or perhaps you are owner to a fluffy friend of your own, this is a wonderfully unique and special way to pop the question. Simply attach the ring to your pups collar with a ribbon, and send them running off to your partner. Not only is this unbelievably adorable, but it adds an angle that your dog is just as much a part of this bonding as your partner is – one whole little family.

Treasure Hunt

treasure map

If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely love a treasure hunt. This may seem simple and juvenile, but creating your own treasure trail for your loved one with personal clues and hints can be very romantic. Each clue could lead to a gift or memoir of your time together, and once they reach the ultimate gift of the ring, it is all that much sweeter.

In Food

ring in ice cream

Some people may not like this idea for hygiene and safety reasons, but it’s a fun twist on a proposal – especially if your partner has a passion for food/is in the food industry. You could bury the ring in a cake you created yourself (but make sure to wrap it first!) or within a solid chocolate ball which opens up like a flower when you pour hot cream over the top. To contrast, you could place your engagement ring within the packaging of your favourite takeaway, or within a pastry box from the patisserie you went to on your first date.

Special Person

party with drinks

Your proposal could include multiple people, to build on how spectacular the event is. Perhaps you could secretly arrange an old friend to come join you in the evening to reveal the ring, or gather the whole family to prepare a surprise party for the event. The more the merrier they say, and what a way to remember the moment!

Make It Personal

rings on fabric

Instead of presenting the ring in a traditional box, you could wrap the ring in something that means more to them. For instance, if your partner is into fashion, you could buy them the pair of shoes they’ve been longing for and have the ring attached to the laces, or if they’re into making clothes wrap it in some silk within their fabric box.

Hollowed Out Book

ring on book

Perhaps there is a book that the two of you treasure, quote on the daily, and re-read all the time. Maybe the other person is a big book worm. Simply buy another version of that book, hollow out the inside and place the ring. It would be both romantic and beautifully sentimental for the two of you.

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7 Fun Facts About UK Emerald Jewellery | London DE

emerald jewellery UK

Worn by kings and queens, to famous families, emeralds are truly a way to make a fashion statement. But these days you don’t have to be royalty to have your very own UK emerald jewellery. London DE offers beautiful and bespoke pieces for every price range. However, we also wanted to share a bit about what makes this loose gemstone so unique, so read on!

emerald jewellery UK

(One of our Colombian emeralds)

  1. They’re not always “emerald” green

Emeralds come in many different colours and they’re not always that vibrant, classic emerald green we’ve become so accustomed to. Due to the different trace elements found in them, they range from very deep shades to pale and subtle ones.

  1. Emeralds can often be more expensive than diamonds

This is because in many cases, emeralds are rarer. Even though they’re mined all over the world, emeralds are still some of the most limited loose gemstones available.

  1. The cut of an emerald is key

When it comes to emeralds, it’s all about the cut. This is because the right cut can affect colour shade, changing paler tones to darker ones and vice versa.

  1. Emeralds are a better investment than diamonds

It’s not commonly known, but you get more bang for your buck with an emerald. This is because when it comes to carats, the carat size of an emerald is bigger than that of a diamond, so for those looking for a bigger stone, emeralds can pay off.

  1. Emeralds represent royalty

As mentioned above, emeralds are the favourite stone for royal families, making them an eye-catching item to add to your jewellery set.

  1. Clarity isn’t always key

Unlike diamonds, clarity within emeralds isn’t as important due to the inclusions being viewed as desirable features, making the stone more unique. In fact, the right inclusion in the right place can even increase an emerald’s value.

  1. Emeralds are a historic gemstone

Also mentioned above, emeralds boast a rich history; in fact, they’ve been mined for more than 4,000 years. In ancient Egypt, they were considered a symbol of eternal youth, and Ancient Romans used to gaze into them to relieve stress and eye strain.

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All You Need to Know About Colombian Emeralds | London DE

Colombian Emeralds, emerald jewellery UK

Colombian Emeralds, emerald jewellery UK


(Contemporary Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring, London DE, £6000)

When it comes to emeralds, you might not know it, but there are many different shapes, sizes, and colours. Even the area where they have been obtained can even affect their quality. That is why these days, and throughout centuries, Colombian emeralds have always been considered the best. There are reasons why Colombian emeralds are used in some of the most popular UK emerald jewellery sold by London DE today!

Let’s learn more about what makes Colombian emeralds so unique from the alternatives.

  • Their colour: One of the most attractive things about Colombian emeralds is their colour. Unlike the bright green emeralds seen so often, Colombian emeralds often boast a more subtle, pure tint that can be easily seen through. That’s why they’re prized in so many jewellery collections.
  • Their formation: Another thing that makes Colombian emeralds unique is that rather than being formed in igneous rock like many other gemstones, they are formed in the sedimentary host rock, meaning greater durability with fewer impurities.
  • Their strength: Colombian emeralds are very strong and durable, rating an impressive 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Of course, they can still be chipped and cracked unlike diamonds, but such cases are extremely rare.
  • Emeralds boast a rich history: Another reason Colombian emeralds are so popular is the rich history they boast. They have been worn for centuries by everyone, from kings, queens, and even Cleopatra. Today, Colombian emeralds are more widely accessible, yet still remain one of the most sought-after gemstones to date.

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